This is a full list of characters who appear in the Hunchback of Notre Dame and have either a lot of screentime, or a speaking role, so background characters won't be listed.



The Hunchback of Notre DameEdit

Quasimodo is the main character of The Hunchback of Notre Dame franchise. He's a kindhearted, adventurous and misstreated hunchback. His mother was killed when they entered Paris, France, he was then taken away by Claude Frollo, and after being convinced he killed the woman and going against his moral's, he decides to take Quasi in, hoping he'll have use for him. Frollo dosen't wanna be seen with him, and thus keeps him in the bell tower alone, ringing the bells of Notre Dame. He talks to 3 gargoyles, Victor, Hugo and Laverne, who are the only reason he manages to stay happy. He sings a song called Out There, where he expresses his wishes to go out of the church for one day and experience the world, but he's convinced by Frollo he's to much of an outcast and much to ugly for anyone outside to see him. When he sneaks out for The Festival of Folls, he's noticed by a gypsy girl named Esmeralda who compliments him for his "mask" and picks him as the winner of the festival, not knowing that's just how he looks like. He's picked on by the crowd and Esmeralda jumps to his defense, feeling guilty for putting him on the spot in the first place. She stands up for him and is trapped in the church after Captain Phoebus states she claimed sanctuary. While she's in the church, Quasi develops a crush on her and ocassionally takes her out. Frollo starts hating Quasi more and more for going against his wishes. Quasi still loves Esmeralda, and after getting his hopes up, he's crushed when he sees she chose Phoebus over him. Esmeralda is then knocked out, but Quasi thinks she died at the hands of Frollo. Quasimodo and Frollo have a battle on the roof as Quasi carries Esmeralda. Quasi wins the battle and is finally accepted by the crowd as one of their own.

In the second movie, Quasimodo gets a girlfriend named Madellaine and has his happily ever after.

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